Ep. #19 – Health is Wealth: How To Make Your Team Healthier & More Productive

Whether you run a startup or have an established company, a healthy workplace is more important than ever before. While certain perks and benefits have an advantage, employees that eat healthily and are engaged in physical activities are known to perform better than others and are overall more motivated.

Did you know that even Jack Ma of Alibaba offers mandatory Tai Chi to all of his employees?

What You’ll Discover in this Episode:

  • Why and how you can easily get healthy food and drinks for your team.
  • Why you should act right now before spending tons of money on team outings, consultants, etc.
  • Types of sport activities that are useful for motivation.
  • Why you should consider an in-house spa therapist and what you can offer to your team.
  • …and much more effective tips on a health workplace that you can implement right away.


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Whether you run a startup or have an established company, a healthy workplace is more important than ever before. While certain perks and benefits have an advantage, employees that eat healthy and are engaged in physical activities are known to perform better than others and are overall more motivated. Did you know that even Jack Ma of Alibaba offers mandatory Tai Chi to all of his employees?

So, the questions that arises is the following: What can you do to make your workplace healthier and more productive? Matter of fact, you should make any activities free of charge. Also, when it comes to food, either offer it for free or, if you generally charge for food, make sure it doesn’t come with a special higher price tag.

The important thing is that you as the leader of your company realize is that a healthy workplace creates productive and motivated employees. Don’t wait until it’s too late and people start burning out and eventually leaving your company or you pay thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars on team events and team outings that may turn out to be boring and less effective. Therefore start right now and make a difference.

Now let’s jump in:

1. Food & Drinks

Now this may seem obvious, but whatever you and your team intakes plays an important role. So if you’re offering food and drinks, what are you exactly offering to them? Is it healthy? Does it vary daily or weekly? Is it nutritious? How about drinks? Water is very important, as well coffee and tea.

Try not to offer too many different types of soft drinks. Now while the aforementioned points are quite easy to solve here are some more ideas for you – oh and don’t try to not improve your food and beverage selection due to costs; there are most likely countless other points in your company where you can save.

Live cooking. You can implement this on a monthly or even weekly basis. Hire a catering company to cook some delicious meals for your team.

Create relationships with restaurants in your area and make sure to create exclusive discounts for your company. That’s a pretty cool thing, as it’s a win-win solution for you and the restaurant: you will make sure that your employees get some nice and healthy food for a discounted price and at the same time you help a local business to generate more revenue.

If you don’t have canteen you can still get in touch with a local restaurant or bistro and let them deliver their food to you. Again, make sure you negotiate a company discount before.

2. Massages

Offer a complimentary weekly 15-20 minute head-neck-shoulder massage for your employees. Let them relieve their tension and give them an extra break. 15-20 minutes is an ideal time frame that won’t affect your operation. Make sure you use an internal calendar with different time slots. That way your team can manage themselves perfectly. Get a professional spa therapist from a nearby spa and arrange as well further discounts for your team at this spa. As you might have guesses, this is again a win-win situation as two businesses supporting each other.

3. Sports activities

Certain activities like boxing for example will help your employees to relieve tension and regain their focus in a matter of minutes which is cause through the release of adrenalin. That of course works ideally when you have a room where you can provide mini-classes and have some basic gym equipment and punching bags.

Here some ideas that you can implement:

Tai chi and meditation. As earlier mentioned Jack Ma is known for making it mandatory for his employees to attend the in-house tai chi lessons. Meditation is certainly a great start to relieve tension and make your employees re-focus on their tasks.

Power workouts: if you offer quick but hard workouts of somewhere between 30-45 minutes, your team starts quickly sweating.

4. Regular Team Outings

Make sure to arrange regular team outings, like once a month. Make sure that these outings will definitely take place, no matter the workload. Especially in difficult times, it’s more than important that your team stays motivated.

You don’t have to throw huge parties but rather take them out for a few hours; for example white water rafting, thai boxing, or simply have a nice breakfast, brunch or dinner somewhere.

5. Offer rest & relax areas

Is there a place within your building that you can convert into a rest & relax room? You can for example hang hammocks or get these huge sitting pillows. Anything where people can comfortably sit or maybe even lay down and relax during their breaks.

Create certain rules for the room, especially to keep the noise level down; that means to keep mobiles phones silent, no phone conversations, etc.

Let’s summarize:

1- Make sure to offer healthy meals, snacks and drinks, provide mineral water, coffee and tea for free and get in touch with local restaurants for special employee discounts on their food. But make sure that their food is healthy.

2- Get a professional spa therapist and offer one weekly 15-20 head-neck-shoulder massage for each employee.

3- Offer sport activities that require lots of power, offer 30-45 minutes hardcore workout sessions as well as tai chi or meditation sessions that you want to make mandatory even.

4- Arrange regular team outings, ideally once per month

5- Offer rest and relax areas for your team.

You see, it doesn’t need to be complicated or cost even a ton of money. Keep your employees healthy and they, in turn, will stay motivated and become even more productive.

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