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Ep. #15 – Online Reputation Management Done Right

Your online reputation is one of the biggest assets you can have in generating leads and getting new customers.

It’s statistically proven that the majority of people nowadays will look up your company before buying anything from you. They simply go to Google type your name + reviews and will make a decision based on the results and if you’re not taking care of it like for example having outdated prices or photos or, having bad reviews, you will lose on a lot of business.

Listen to this week’s episode and learn how to easily avoid any pitfalls.

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Online Learning – Best Online Platforms to Publish & Sell Online Courses (Part III)

In the third part of our series, we talk about the best online platforms to publish and sell online courses.

So if you’re planning to create online courses, stick around as we take a look at a number of online course marketplaces.

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Ep. #14 – How To Create Simple Habits

Creating habits simply changes lives for the better – IF YOU AIM TO FOR POSITIVE ONES.

But why does it sometimes seems so difficult for us to form new habits?

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Online Learning – Best Online Learning Platforms (Part II)

Online Learning Platforms are disrupting the way we learn.

There is an ever growing number of online learning platforms ranging from sites offering solely free courses to sites offering specific courses for certain topics only. In addition, most sites even provide certificates upon completion.

Another benefit that more and more platforms offer is a tailored business or enterprise solution for teams and companies, a great and time-saving way to train employees.

This week, we’re taking a look at a variety of platforms that offer free and premium courses and have gained an outstanding reputation among its students. Make sure to also read part 1 of the series.

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Ep. #13 – 7 Time Saving Hacks for Entrepreneurs

In this week, we talk about 7 time-saving hacks for entrepreneurs!

As entrepreneurs, executives and managers we are faced with full calendars and long days but we often tend to wear too many hats and do mind-boggling activities that look simple but can turn into time-consuming tasks.

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Ep. #11 – Walter Lee: Helping Children With Movement Disabilities In Asia

Walter Lee is an extraordinary entrepreneur, restaurateur, author, philanthropist and TEDx speaker from Malaysia who is mainly based in Thailand since 1989. He’s the founder of Zy Movement Foundation which helps children with movement disabilities in Asia.

In this week’s interview, we talk with Walter about his foundation which was inspired by his son Zy Kher Lee who was born only with one complete left arm and two dislocated hips.

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Online Learning – The Future of Classrooms! (Part I)

In this series, we cover e-learning or online learning, the best online learning platforms, the benefits of online learning vs. face-to-face learning and why online learning is already now on the rise.

And if you want to become an online teacher yourself and start making money teach online, stay tuned, as we will also cover topics that will help you get started as an online tutor.

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Ep. #9 – How To Increase Your Productivity Today!

Welcome back to another episode of Disrupting Asia!

In this episode, we’ll be talking about productivity and how you can achieve more in the same time.

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5 Things That Separates Seoul From Other Major Cities

I recently went for the first time to South Korea and spent a couple of days in its capital Seoul.

Let me tell you that I got certainly impressed by the city, its efficiency and its great people and will return back within the next six months.

Here are five things that set Seoul apart from other major cities:

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Ep. #8 – Building a Team

Whether you’re in the stage of developing your business idea or currently already actively working on your startup you have to consider whether you can build a driven team that can help you create a company.

That’s what we are going to discuss in today’s episode:

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