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The Rise of the Co-working Space

Chances are high you’ve heard about them: Co-working Spaces.

Here’s an intro:

A co-working space is an open space where people come to work independently. Unlike typical offices, those who are working at a co-working space are not employed by it. The co-working space, however, offers in many ways the same tools and environment as many regular offices do. Currently, co-working spaces popping up in major cities all over Asia and the rest of the world.

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What Are The Hot Startup Hubs of Southeast Asia?

Needless to say, startups in Southeast Asia are booming! There are over 600 million people living in the region plus there are lots of untapped markets. The ASEAN region sees an average GDP of 6-7% per year (according to World Bank), much in thanks to a steady growing internet usage that opens new markets to new audiences. Whether you live in the region or planning to move here from overseas, we have compiled a list of Asia’s hottest startup hubs:

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Why Are Companies Targeting Asia?

In the past decades usually, only large international companies were found with satellite offices and branches in Asia. But as economies are rapidly growing, many foreign medium-sized businesses taking the plunge to establish themselves in the Far East. Here’s why:

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3 Reasons Why You Should Move Your Startup to Southeast Asia

Moving to a new city is one thing but moving to a new continent is a whole different story. While there are certainly lots of positive (and also a few negative) points of moving your startup to Asia, we narrowed it down to three very important points that play often the deciding factors for many entrepreneurs thinking about moving to Asia:

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