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8 Chinese Transport Startups on the Rise

China is one of the most technology progressing countries in the world and often, the rest of the world isn’t even aware of it. Think DJI. Yes, the drone you’re flying is not only made in China, but the company’s headquarter is in Shenzhen, bordering right with Hong Kong. Or the dockless Mobike you were driving around town today. Yes, also from China.

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What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

The term Internet of Things probably caught already your attention, but if you’re like most people, you have barely any idea what it is. Don’t worry.

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7 Must Read Books in 2019 For New Entrepreneurs

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur and looking for the next great read? Get inspired by these 7 must read books for new entrepreneurs:

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44 Amazing Tools For Your Startup

Building a business, whether physical or online, can be done within a really short amount of time. Whether it’s setting up a website with a storefront or creating a physical product, it can be done in a week or less. Yet one of the most overwhelming aspects of starting a business is not about having an idea or vision, it’s often just the simple start.

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Ep. #25 – How To Use Irresistible Words In Business

As entrepreneurs, sales people, executives or simply as normal people we tend to react different to situations, all depending on how the message is communicated. Especially in business, where you can often see identical products being offered, some struggle to find customers while other cannot stop finding more success. Now these people all have one thing in common: they know exactly what, how and when to say it.

Every principle we discuss here can be applied to any industry and area of life, to become more influential and have a bigger impact. I recommend you have a pen and paper ready to take some notes:

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Ep. #24 – Shifting Your Customer’s Habits

In this episode we talk about shifting your customers’ thoughts. Way too often – whether you’re a budding or seasoned entrepreneur – we try to re-invent the wheel. And yes, that’s also happening to successful serial entrepreneurs. 

We have this one particular idea for an app or for a product that gets us excited and, let’s be honest, we picture how thousands or even millions of people are using it, changing lives and making us rich along the way.Yet, your chances of success are way higher if you really focus on your customer and their experience with your products and business, rather than cracking your head around ideas that may or may not work.

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Ep. #23 – 5 Tips To Overcome Procrastination in 2019

Remember the New Year’s resolutions you told everyone two weeks ago? How are you holding up so far? What was the last thing you procrastinated on? Think about that. We procrastinate, procrastinate, procrastinate, until the night before, crank it out and suddenly get it done. So what did you procrastinate on just recently?

In this episode we talk about 5 tips that will help you to get things started rather than being left on the side until the night before:

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Ep. #22 – Take Action in 2019!

Happy New Year 2019 from the Disrupting Asia HQ!

Most of us have a long list with things we plan to do over the next 365 days and are super excited to get started. Yet most won’t stick to their resolutions. In fact, by mid January these resolutions seem as far away as four weeks earlier.

Learn about the one “problem” most of us have and how to simply resolve it!

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Ep. #21 – How To Solve A Toxic Work Culture

In this episode we talk about toxic work cultures and how to solve them. 

For many years, managers and leaders often thought that employees quit either because of their leaders and/or the company. But that’s not the case. People quit organizational structures.

What you’ll discover in this episode:

  1. Learn about what employees really drive and looking for.
  2. The most common problems organizations face sooner or later.
  3. How to avoid a toxic work culture right from the get-go.
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Ep. #20 – Why It’s Important To Always Train Your Staff

Are you offering trainings, coaching, workshops or similar to your team? If yes, when was the last time you conducted or arranged a training? Do you have a dedicated Learning & Development Manager? How do you make sure that your employees are actually satisfied with the trainings they receive?

This week we talk about an important topic that is way too often neglected until it’s often too late: holding regular trainings and workshops. Did you know that employees appreciate gaining knowledge through tainings, seminars and workshops?

Tune in and learn why trainings at work are so important and how you can easily get started even if your team is still small.

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