What is Disrupting Asia?

Disrupting Asia is a media and events platform that connects entrepreneurs and startups in Asia. Our aim is to build communities around the continent and to become the number one source for reliable news and information around Asia’s startups.Enter your text here...

Our story

Disrupting Asia was born with the idea to connect and promote Asia’s striving entrepreneur scene in short, those who are disrupting Asia with new and fresh ideas, projects and companies.

Asia and the Pacific, according to the World Bank, is currently the fastest-growing region in the world with an annual GDP- growth of 6-7%. Just over the past 5 years, Asia has seen the births of multiple unicorns that disrupted whole industries and are currently becoming serious world players. Young entrepreneurs starting successful companies despite strong cultural pressures and foreign investors are figuring that Asia is a hotbed for new investments.

By combining media, events and field-expertise, we are on a mission to help, connect and grow the startup ecosystems in Asia. We are constantly delivering inspiring interviews, insightful podcasts and news articles to keep you in the loop about what currently happens in the Asian startup community.

The Team

In 2009, Kian left his native Germany to develop his career as a hotelier and has since then lived and worked in Dubai, the Maldives, Bali and Thailand. Fascinated with the ever growing entrepreneurial landscape of Asia he created Disrupting Asia to connect entrepreneurs around the continent.

Kian Radojewski  //  Podcaster

Born and raised in Malaysia, Hazel quit her day job and traveled for 186 days in 2016. Always on the lookout for involving in interesting side projects and meeting like-minded people, she joined Disrupting Asia to help develop the online platform to become the number one source for reliable news and information around Asia’s startups.

HAZEL LAU  //  Web Design Consultant

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